Outdoor Lighting During Fall

After the summer’s heat and long lazy days comes fall– football, back-to-school, cooler temperatures, bonfires, pumpkin spice everything, and a significant reduction in the daylight hours and

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Outdoor Lighting Damage

Outdoor lighting systems are susceptible to several problems such as vandalism or damage which prevent them from working properly, or even working at all. This is of

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Energy Saving Tips!

Energy Saving Tips! Simply stated, watts are watts! How, you might ask could a 12 volt outdoor landscape lighting system be more efficient than a

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Outdoor Lighting Controls

The landscape lighting industry is undergoing what could be described as a mini-revolution. In the past, controlling an outdoor lighting system was limited as the controller only

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Do LED Lights Attract Bugs?

Sitting outside, enjoying the evening air, beautifully lit by your beautiful landscape lighting and…Smack! You’ve just slapped your fifth mosquito of the evening, and you

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What is Lighting Layering?

What is “Light Layering?” How do you layer lighting? With lighting, one size/style/fixture does not do it all. Different needs have different requirements, and lighting

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