Our Certifications

Southern Lights Outdoor Lighting & Audio is an AOLP certified company in every aspect of landscape lighting. Compare us to our competition.


Our Staff’s Certifications Include:

Certified Low-Voltage Lighting Technician (CLVLT)

Throughout the United States, there are no clearly defined national standards for low voltage outdoor lighting. In most states, the test given to license low voltage contractors has little or nothing to do with the actual work that they perform. The lack of landscape lighting standards has a profound impact on the safety and quality of services that we provide. This standardized certification measures the knowledge and capabilities of our abilities. Southern Lights of NC carries the only CLVLT license in the state of NC. The exam consisted of a written exam and seven half-hour labs.

Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer (COLD)

Southern Lights Outdoor Lighting & Audio has obtained AOLP's 4 year degree. This certification is an advanced level of specialized training in landscape lighting design. The COLD program is a discipline of engaging lighting designers to analyze their work in peer group studies and through in-depth subject matter. Landscape lighting design, is very subjective and cannot be easily tested upon without a set of rules to memorize per se, but there are a series of fundamental principles that are universally acknowledged to form the basis of "good and responsible" lighting design. Therefore, this program has helped shape Southern Light's design excellence and has helped to develop our own individual lighting design style. Southern Lights Outdoor Lighting & Audio is a proud member of AOLP (Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals) and is involved in the ongoing continual education with this certification. Southern Lights believes it is in our best interest to be proactive in our efforts of the landscape lighting industry to practice "good and responsible" landscape lighting design.


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