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Why Should I Upgrade My Landscape Lighting System to LED

Whether you’re thinking about installing a new landscape lighting system or already have one that you love, upgrading to LED lamps/bulbs represents the best options and flexibility. Here are a few reasons why you should upgrade to an LED outdoor lighting system today.



Upgrading to LED is simple and cost effective. There is an hourly charge for service, plus the cost of the lamp and is dependent on many factors. Some of the factors include: number of fixtures (in trees, path lights, spot lights, can lights, specialty lights, etc), number of transformers, vegetation and maturity of plants, timing controls & automation, whether pruning is necessary. Contact Us today, we’d be happy to provide you with a quote for Worry Free Maintenance. So, don’t wait for lighting maintenance and repair solutions.

LED Lighting Service FAQs

A quality LED installed by a certified lighting designer should last in the neighborhood of 40,000-50,000 hours when run 8 hours per day. That’s close to 14 years before your LED lamp has dimmed to 70% and will need to be replaced.

Absolutely not! There was a time where this was true, but not anymore. You can go as far as placing a Halogen lamp directly beside an LED lamp and not be able to distinguish one from the other.

The short answer is YES! The longer answer depends on what types of fixtures or lamps you’re having installed. Southern Lights of NC uses almost 100% dimmable retrofit LED’s in our systems to allow for the most flexibility. There are multiple ways of accomplishing dimming your lighting system, let Southern Lights of NC walk you through the vast options that are now available on the market.

Not at ALL! One of the main reasons an LED lasts so long is it’s ability to stay cool. You no longer need to worry about catching your mulch or house on fire from overheated lamps. Rest easy.

ABSOLUTELY! Technology has changed so much, so quickly that you now have MORE options for beam angles and wattages than you do for Halogen. Big change! As a certified lighting designer, LED’s have greatly increased our abilities to design the perfect landscape lighting scenes.

This depends 100% on whether you have an integrated fixture (LED built into fixture from the factory) or a retrofit LED which is simple dropped into the fixture (similar to Halogen lamps). There are PROS and CONS to each of these types of fixtures. Southern Lights of NC can help guide you to choose the right fixtures for your property and needs.

There was a time where it was, but with the changing technology, the pricing of an LED system is generally around the same price as a Halogen system. Although the lamps are more expensive, the size of the transformer can now be much smaller and the amount of wiring can be much less due to less voltage drop.

You sure can! Southern Lights of NC can take your old Halogen outdoor lighting system and retrofit it with LED’s without having to pull up wire and make new connections or swap out transformers. Actually, if you choose to upgrade your system to LED, you will instantly have close to 80% more space on your existing transformer allowing you to add more fixtures without increase the size of the transformer. That also, means you will have instantly saved 80% on your power consumption which will SAVE YOU MONEY!!

Yes. Like with all electrical components, you need to make sure that each fixture is getting the proper power, and seals are in tact protecting the fixtures vitals, and lenses and fixtures are clean and free from debris to ensure proper light output. Proper pruning of plant growth is also necessary. We highly recommend and offer a “No-Down Time” Lighting Maintenance Program which covers and extends the life and warranty of your system for years to come.

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