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Making the Lighting Plan a Reality

After a design plan is decided upon, the next step is installation. The installation process for landscapes is best done after all landscaping is complete. The installation process for low voltage lighting is minimally invasive and will not disturb the landscape since no trenching is required. Outdoor lighting to be installed on hardscape fixtures should be integrated into the hardscape feature build. Lighting can be installed on a pre-existing hardscape feature, but for the most seamless installation, an integrated installation is best, allowing for wires to be hidden into the structure. Southern Lights uses the highest quality, USA made fixtures with life-time guarantees. Once all fixtures are in place, you’re given a night or two to sleep on it. The night review allows the customer to make revisions prior to burying wires and capping connections. After revisions are complete, the install is finalized. Below is a quick view of the install process.

Our Process


Night Adjustment

Final Install

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