Why Do I Need A Landscape Lighting Professional To Install My Lights?


Can I Install A Led Landscape Lighting System Myself Or Do I Need To Hire A Professional?

Could you purchase lighting fixtures from the big box stores and save money? Yes. Will it operate and function the same? No. I know it is quite tempting to consider ways of cutting some of the costs associated with a professional landscape lighting system, but don’t fall for it. There is a reason for the difference; cost & value are not the same thing. Take, for instance, the quote “If you thought it was expensive to hire a professional, wait till you hire an amateur.” There is validity in “getting what you pay for”.

Many people tend to prefer finding a low-cost contractor to perform work or make an attempt to do it themselves before realizing that hiring a professional the first time will not only serve them with a lifetime warranty, but many times free service calls for a period of time, discounted maintenance services, and preferred scheduling, but will cost much less in the long run. Don’t short change yourself. Saving a few dollars on a project you want to last a lifetime, will not save you any money, I promise. Properly lighting architectural structures and landscape features require knowledge and experience. Installation of LED landscape lighting systems require specialized training and first-hand knowledge of how light effects nature, structures, water features, etc. These are skills that only a lighting specialist can provide.

Of course, it is possible to come across some guidelines online, but people who have tried this always come back with regrets. And the reason behind this is synonymous with the reason why there is a huge gap between theory and experience. Experience provides so much more than words could ever describe. There are several reasons why a professional installation service is considered to be of great value and they are all quite simple to understand. Yes, you can buy fixtures at the big box stores, but this is only a fraction of your system and these types of lighting systems usually only come with a very limited warranty, if one at all.  There is reason for this limited warranty; cheap parts & poor quality materials. Compare this thought pattern with a scenario where your mechanic allows you to purchase parts to repair your transmission.

You have one piece of the puzzle, but not enough to finish right? You need the experience to know how to attach the flywheel and realign the gears so that you don’t get stuck on the wrong side of town at night and you can’t get your car to shift gears. LED Landscape lighting fixtures are only a part of the system that makes up the design. The fact that you have the parts doesn’t necessarily imply that you could have or should install a lighting system just like you should probably let a mechanic repair your transmission. For a total package, hire a professional who will stand behind their work and guarantee your system & satisfaction.

In other words, simply having the components and some basic understanding or guidelines does not guarantee a successful installation that will suit your purpose. Knowledge and experience is just as important in the installation process as the lighting fixtures themselves. Below are some reasons why a professional is needed for your LED landscape lighting installation:

  • Installation of a landscape lighting system requires adequate knowledge of electrical theory. Comprehension of voltage drop and the effects it can have on your landscape lighting system are critical. Voltage drop can kill a lighting design if you’re unable to provide equal voltage to each fixture; your landscape lighting will be improperly balanced with bright and dim spots throughout the design. Too much voltage to the fixture will cause the lamp to prematurely burnout and under powering the lamp can cause strobing and premature burnout as well. Understanding these formulas is important. Failure to properly install the lamps with precision and adequate electrical load balance is considered a prerequisite for the long term performance of your landscape lighting system. An imbalanced load on your system is a safety hazard and can put your investment in significant risk.
  • Having the right tool for the job is important. Our install crews all have the necessary tools needed to properly install the right fixture in the right location. Our professional installation technicians are true craftsman at what they do. Many crew members have a background in landscaping and stonework as well giving them the ability to install lighting systems in a way that you can’t see where they’ve been or how the run the wire. Training is important too and we believe that the best way to train a crew member is for them to experience how light effects the landscape at night. Here is where the design aspect is learned and techniques are challenged.
  • Save a buck cutting coupons for your groceries, not on your LED landscaping lighting system. Your home is an investment and lighting is an extension of that investment. Don’t invest in cheap products that won’t last and cause you to have to re-buy them again in a year when the seals or sockets go bad or the finish of the fixture starts to chip off. The majority of the fixtures and transformers we install carry a LIFETIME warranty. Yes, I said LIFETIME. That means you can count on your system to perform day in and day out without the nagging service calls for tedious repairs.  Repairs and replacements add up.  Do the math and way your decision carefully.

We’ve known many clients that have opted for a DIY installation or found the lowest bidder and quickly realize they had no idea the extent and knowledge that was required to do what our professional installation service teams do on a daily basis to make outdoor landscape lighting systems so attractive. Use a landscape lighting professional like Southern Lights; you will not regret it.

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