How Much Should I Budget For Outdoor Lighting?


So you’ve decided to consider outdoor lighting, but you’re not sure what to expect budget-wise. Since most of us do not have unlimited funds waiting to be plucked off the money tree in the backyard, budget is definitely a consideration. Of course there are many variables to consider, but generally the larger the house and property, the more fixtures you’ll need, and more fixtures makes things more expensive.

Knowing your priorities will help your designer understand your goal, and be able to give you the best bang for your buck. For example, are safety and security more important to you than aesthetic appeal? If so, we might leave out a fixture or two that would enhance the appearance, but not necessarily provide more security. Perhaps you’ll decide to add them in later, when you have the funds. We can take that into consideration when designing your system now. Some options to consider:

Entryway Lighting

This lighting focuses on creating a warm and welcoming entry to your home. Most people prioritize this, as it offers safety for family and guests, as well as security by deterring intruders.

Safety and Task Lighting

This lighting has functionality, while simultaneously creating ambiance. Examples include pathway lighting, stairs lighting, and outdoor patio lighting.

Up Lighting or Tree Lighting

These lights shine up from underneath, often on houses or trees.

Down Lighting or Moonlighting

Just like it sounds, this lighting technique is done to re-create the moonlight effect on your landscape. It’s a really beautiful effect.

Accent Lighting

This lighting technique aims to emphasize distinct features on your landscape such as water features, garden accents, sculptures, etc.


Are you tech-savvy? Or maybe just a control freak? If you want your outdoor lighting system to be controlled by an app on your phone, we can make it happen. Or maybe you don’t want to do anything but enjoy your lights when they come on automatically and turn themselves off automatically. We can do that. We will work with your budget to allow for your preferences.

The cost of a lighting package for your home is largely dependent on the scope and size of your property, along with your choices of fixture. We offer specials from time to time, and a popular one is 10 fixtures (path & bullet lights) for a special price. That special will cover a good number of people’s needs. They may also opt to add some additional lights to make it look even better. If you have a 5,000 sq. ft house, large patio, gazebo, outdoor kitchen, and gardens on 2 acres of property, that special isn’t going to cover you. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

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Southern Lights has installed hundreds of outdoor landscape lighting systems and carries more certifications than anyone in the state. We specialize in lighting designs and service everything we install as well as lighting systems installed by others. With attention to detail and a solid knowledge of design, Southern Lights is the leading outdoor landscape lighting firm in the state of NC and beyond. See why our clients choose us. Contact us today by web (online form) or phone 336-451-4969.

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