Why Spend The Money On Landscape Lighting?


The illumination of your outdoor living area during dark hours provides a wide range of benefits. More and more of us want to spend time outside, (especially in the evenings, which is when most of us are actually at home!). Lighting makes that possible. The sticking point for most folks is that a good amount of money is involved. Especially when designed and installed by a landscape lighting professional. So what are these benefits and why should you be willing to break the out the piggy bank and invest in outdoor lighting?


Several studies have shown that properly illuminating the outside of your home plays a major part in deterring potential intruders. Valuable protection is offered long after the sun goes down and you’ve all gone to sleep. Properly installed lighting by a certified landscape lighting technician is of higher quality and more reliable than the DIY products available– you truly can’t put a price on your family’s security!

Aesthetic Appeal

There is no denying the fact that landscape lighting highlights and complements a home’s unique features. It makes your home more welcoming, and enables your landscaping to be enjoyed day or night. Professional lighting adds to the beauty of your landscape regardless of the season or time of day, and makes your home appealing to you, your guests and neighbors.


Evenings spent in your outdoor living area are a great way to relax after a long day. Additionally, we often need to be outside in the dark for other reasons—to walk the dog, grab the mail, take out the trash, go for a swim, etc. However when your landscape is not properly illuminated these activities can be dangerous. Things just look different at night, and those rocks, curves, steps and stairs in your yard are more difficult to negotiate in the dark. You run the risk of suffering an otherwise preventable injury through slips, trips and falls. So why not make the investment today to ensure not just your safety, but also that of your family and guests?


Outdoor lighting extends the period in which you can enjoy your outdoor living area with both your friends and your family. There is something extra special about spending the evenings outside in the beautiful weather. The value derived by increasing your ability to use your outdoor areas is not financially quantifiable, but it is very real and you will know it, feel it and appreciate it when you’re outside into the night. Your patio, walkways and green areas have become more inviting and your curb appeal is considerably increased.

Financial Benefit

Professional outdoor lighting systems add to your homes’ value. While no studies have been done specifically for lighting alone, the commonly agreed upon number is that landscaping with lighting can increase the value of your home by as much as 20%. Even if the exact number is hard to pin down, the perceived value can translate into a quicker or higher offer when selling your home. And don’t forget the benefits you derive just from being able to use your outdoor space all night long for years to come.

Professionally installed landscape lighting is not simply an expense, it’s an investment. The quality of the fixtures is superior to what you can find to DIY, and your certified landscape lighting technician has the tools, the experience and the expertise to properly light your home. It makes sense to make the investment in professionally installed outdoor lighting– a well-lit home is more secure, more beautiful, safer, more enjoyable and more valuable than one without lighting.

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