Outdoor Lighting During Fall


After the summer’s heat and long lazy days come fall– football, back-to-school, cooler temperatures, bonfires, pumpkin spice everything, and a significant reduction in the daylight hours and an increase in dark hours. September marks the official beginning of fall and about a minute of daylight is lost on a daily basis. Additionally, with Daylight Savings Time, a whole hour of daylight is lost to us in the evenings. With less natural light comes a greater need for outdoor lighting so we can enjoy ourselves outdoors during the fall season. More homeowners are home chiefly during the evenings and nights. And especially in warmer climates, many of us actually prefer spending time outside during the evening, when temperatures are more enjoyable (especially with a cozy fire element). Professionally installed outdoor lighting comes to the rescue to ensure you derive maximum satisfaction from your yard and extend the hours that you can spend there, with the least amount of hassle.

As a result of the change in daylight hours, some timer issues are also triggered. We all notice the big one-hour change of Daylight Savings Time, but what we don’t generally notice is the daily change. Each day, the daylight hours change by about 1 minute. After a couple of weeks or a month, we might notice “Hey, it’s getting dark earlier!” or in the spring/summer “It stays light later now!” The daily change is small but the results are cumulative. Typically, homes with old mechanical timers that must be reset with every change are affected the most. When not properly adjusted (and who is going to adjust their timer daily or even weekly?), it could result in your lighting system failing to come on during the dark hours or unnecessarily operating during the daylight hours. Fortunately, there is now an incredible advancement known as the astronomical timer. After installing this timer, your professional outdoor lighting installer simply has to program your longitude and latitude (or zip code), and the timer does the rest! It not only automatically adjusts every single day but also adjusts for daylight savings time, thereby making your outdoor living area enjoyable at all times with little or no stress.

An annual battery change (during your recommended annual maintenance visit) is about all the monitoring it needs. Nobody wants more work than necessary, and the astronomical timer reduces the amount of monitoring (“babysitting”?) of your lighting system—it will go on when necessary, and turn off when necessary; no adjustments are needed by you or us. Go grab a mug of something warm and delicious, light up a cozy fire, and enjoy the fall season in your beautifully lit outdoor area into the night.

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