Why Should I Upgrade To LED Outdoor Lighting?


Whether you’re thinking about installing a landscape lighting system for the first or you’ve already got one that you love, LED lights represent the best option available. Here are good reasons why you should upgrade to an LED outdoor lighting system:

Long Life

This is definitely one of the greatest benefits of LED lights. Outdoor LED lighting system diodes and bulbs possesses an outstanding operational life time expectation of up to 50,000 hours. This represents many years of continuous operation. They are also different from standard lighting in that they do not simply stop working or burn out like a standard bulb, but fade out gradually.

Energy Efficiency

Another major advantage of LED lights is their lower energy use when compared to other lighting options. With this, it is safe to say LED lighting is today’s most efficient way of lighting with an energy efficiency estimated to be around 75% greater than conventional bulbs and traditional lighting. Less energy equals less cost to run which means money saved.


LED lighting is highly durable and can withstand the weather. They are built with sturdy components which are rugged and specifically designed to be outdoors in the elements. LED lights work differently than traditional bulbs (no filament) and are largely resistant to vibrations, shocks and other conditions such as external vandalism, wind, rain and more that traditional bulbs are more vulnerable to.

Ecologically Friendly

LED lights are much more Eco-friendly when compared to other lighting options. Most conventional fluorescent lighting bulbs contain materials such as mercury which are dangerous for the environment. LED lights are recyclable and will assist you in reducing your carbon footprint. We all need to do our part to take good care of the earth, and LED lights can help you do yours.

Design Flexibility

LED outdoor lighting systems possess powerful flexible design features which makes it possible for the fixtures to be far more hidden and to use colors of light. Individual LED lights can also be dimmed to create a desired effect. The options available are amazing!

Reducing Transformer Load

Reducing Demand to Transformer: By reducing the load (or demand) on the transformer, LEDs allow you to potentially add more lights without needing to add another transformer—a huge cost savings.

Lower maintenance costs

Maintenance costs for a lighting system can be significant, especially with a halogen product. LED lights are easier to clean and last much longer, which decreases the maintenance needed and also the associated cost.

Intrigued? Call a certified landscape lighting technician to find out more about why you should install your new lighting system with LED lights or upgrade your current system to LED lights.

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