What Is The Best Outdoor Lighting Fixture?


Outdoor lighting today has so many options—how do I decide what the right fixture is? There is no one fixture which does it all, that’s for sure.  The proper fixture is determined by several factors.

But the first and most important factor is to always start with quality fixtures. Do not settle for junk. You will regret it.

Lighting Technique

Uplighting can encompass wall washing, highlighting, silhouetting, spotlighting, and shadowing, among other things. Some require a wide beam spread, and some a narrow beam spread. Thus, choosing the correct fixture is crucial to create the proper effect—a flood light, a well light, or a bullet or spotlight are all options. How far away you place the fixture also plays a part in the effect.

Downlighting (or moonlighting) can also be used in some of the above techniques, but requires a fixture that is created for the purpose—you don’t want water sneaking in the back side.

When you make use of various lighting techniques, you get a more balanced and interesting landscape lighting design – of course, with the use of different fixtures.

Fixture Location and Placement

 The location plays a large part in what type of fixture you can use. A fixture that is located in water needs to be rated for underwater use. Otherwise it will not be watertight, and will fail prematurely. If you place your fixture in a turf area, it must be a ground-flush style, or it will likely be destroyed by lawn maintenance equipment in short order. By the same token, if you install a ground-flush style fixture in a mulched bed it will be covered with mulch in no time, blocking the light.

Fixture Cost

 Typically a fixture’s cost is determined by material and quality of construction. Customer fixtures are available, but they are costly. But if you want them, go for it! They can really enhance your lighting design and create a unique look for you!

I love a bargain, but plastic fixtures or thin, cheap metal ones are no bargain. They will just not hold up to the elements. Replacing fixtures every year or two is more costly than purchasing quality ones to begin with (if you can even find the same or similar ones). Not to mention the hassle, and the annoyance of them not working. Please, please, please do not purchase junk fixtures. Quality construction with LED lamps rated for outdoor use is the way to go.

Light Output Intensity

 Light brightness or intensity is measured in lumens. You want to choose the right amount of output, so that you do not over-light or under-light your property. Either one can be dangerous as well as unattractive. The other choice you have is warmth. Higher Kelvins will be whiter and cooler. Lower Kelvins will be more yellow, and have a warmer feel.  And LEDs can even be color-changing now, for a fun effect, whether patriotic, festive, Christmas, etc.

Choosing the right fixtures is a job best left to your certified lighting designer, who will take into account your tastes and the right fixture for the function, the location and the budget. Give us a call or click and let Southern Lights help you find just the right fixtures and design for your space!

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