Top Deck Lighting Ideas To Consider


Long gone are the days of a deck simply being a square with a table, 4 webbed chairs, an umbrella and a grill. Decks and patios today are outdoor living rooms. They have inviting furniture with cushions and pillows, TVs, fire features, water features, plants and flowers, sometimes even curtains, kitchens and more. These outdoor living rooms allow our lifestyle to extend beyond the indoors.

The time when most of us can enjoy our decks and patios is generally at night but as it turns out, one of the most overlooked aspects of outdoor spaces is lighting. Many people think the floodlights on the corner of the house will suffice, but they are not designed for this purpose at all. So let’s look at some components to outdoor lighting to help you avoid a dark deck and create the perfect outdoor living area. The basics:

Post Lighting

Most everyone is aware of post lighting. These unobtrusive fixtures are tucked under the post caps of the deck railing. The light shines down onto the deck, creating an attractive, soft effect. A possible downside to this method is that the height of the posts often makes the lights shine down into the eyes of those seated. A workaround for this is to mount the lights on the side of the post at a lower height.


Another go-to is step-lighting. We all know that steps are especially scary at night, and so there are lights that are created to tuck under the tread or on the riser and light the step below, some that can be mounted to the sides, and other options as well. In addition to making your deck safe, they also create a warm environment.

Beyond the Basics: What’s next?


One of our favorite lighting techniques is called moonlighting. To moonlight your deck, a light fixture is mounted high up (usually in a tree close to your deck) and aimed downward, simulating the effect of natural moonlight as it shines down through the branches to create shadow patterns on your deck. We can mount the light on your house or pergola if no tree is available. This style of lighting also helps lessen light pollution, as the light is aimed downward instead of upward at the sky.

Undercap Lights

An alternative to post lights are under cap lights for built-in benches.  They are tucked under the overhang of the bench, creating the warm glow you desire, with no harsh glare.


Do you want a romantic evening on your deck? Dimmers are the perfect complement to outdoor fireplaces and candlelight. At Southern Lights, we provide you with a deck lighting which features an automated, fully dimmable option that can be operated from your smart device to enable you to create the perfect ambiance.

Fun Stuff

There are many options out there to create a fun atmosphere. For example, lights that change color. These can add a whimsical, or holiday feel to your outdoor area with a touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet.  Bistro lights are another option to create a lighthearted atmosphere. They’ll remind you of your favorite outdoor café, without the drive or the wait!

Here at Southern Lights we have the tools, the techniques and the training to design a lighting system that keeps your deck safe, while creating just the right atmosphere. Whether you want it warm and inviting, romantic or whimsical, or all of the above, we can achieve that through our design. It’s what we do.

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