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What are the best options for my patio and/or pergola lighting? Outdoor lighting is more than just adding lights every X number of feet along a path, and shining one up a tree. And it’s definitely more than a giant floodlight that blinds everyone. Outdoor lighting provides safety and security for those who live or work there, but also creates a mood or atmosphere. It should provide both function and aesthetic appeal.

To properly light a patio or pergola, you’ll want to have some soft lighting to define the area. Outdoor lighting that is too bright creates glare and makes it difficult to see anything beyond where you are, because of the contrast of light and dark. We are not trying to recreate daylight! We are simply trying to create an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming, and safe for people to move around. To that end, you’ll want extra lighting that shows steps or anything else your guests will need to navigate around.

A pergola begs for some overhead lighting, especially if you have a dining table under it. Use lighting to bring the indoors out. Treat these spaces as rooms! Your indoor dining table usually has an overhead fixture, so why not have one for your outdoor dining area? The biggest thing to watch out for is an overly bright light that creates glare by its harshness. Consider adding bistro or string lights to your pergola for some festive overhead lights that aren’t too bright.

You may also want some extra task lighting for a grill or near a cozy chair for reading. Task lighting is specific to an area, and is used only for those times when the extra lighting is needed. The same design principles apply to indoor lighting as the do to outdoor lighting.

When you design your patio or pergola, don’t forget to take into account the lighting that will be necessary to make it look beautiful and to allow your family maximum enjoyment! Call an outdoor lighting professional who can guide you to creating the perfect atmosphere for enjoyment, safety, and security.

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