Installing An LED Lighting System. What You Need To Know?


Outdoor lighting systems have changed very much in the recent past. As LED technology has improved, outdoor lighting professionals have very much embraced it. And with good reason—it’s good stuff! Every day people are upgrading their halogen systems to LED, or installing a new LED lighting system to reap the benefits: less maintenance costs, significantly longer bulb life, and better durability.

So, we’re all aware of the upsides of LED lights, but what about the things to look out for? Surely, there must be some things to be cautious about. Yes, there are!

The main thing to look out for, is the fixtures. First of all, if the quality isn’t top-notch, you won’t reap all of the benefits of LEDs’ long life. We all love to save money, for sure! But opting for cheap fixtures won’t net you any savings in the end. It will cost you more. Outdoor lighting needs to be as resistant to moisture as possible. Moisture is the Number One Enemy of lighting, and it is always lurking. If moisture gets into the lamp, it will cause premature failure. Cheap fixtures that are made of plastic or cheap aluminum just won’t last. They will fade, corrode or crack and provide an easy path for moisture. Always choose high-quality brass or copper to provide the best housing for your bulbs. Which leads us to our next point.

Some cheap fixtures are “fixed.” That means the bulb cannot be replaced. It is part and parcel of the fixtures. So if the lamp (bulb) fails, the entire fixture needs to be replaced. Not only that, but you can’t put in a bulb that may be more appropriate for your usage than the included one. You are stuck with what is there. A professional lighting designer would generally not choose this type of fixture. Most Big Box fixtures fall into this category.

The bulbs. The bulbs themselves must be rated for outdoor use. Cheap lamps are either indoor bulbs, or poorly constructed. Bulbs that are only rated for indoor use are not going to resist moisture the way an outdoor lamp would, and will have a high failure rate. Poorly constructed bulbs will also have a high failure rate. Save yourself time, hassle and money: make sure your installer is using good-quality outdoor bulbs.

A certified outdoor lighting installer has been trained in the design and installation of lighting systems and understands the importance of using quality products and installation techniques. Don’t save a few dollars now by using inferior or inappropriate products. It will cost you more in the long run.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your System to LED?

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