What Is The New Trend For Outdoor Lighting?


For some people, just the concept of outdoor lighting itself is new! Perhaps their notion of “outdoor
lighting” is a fixture by the door, and the big, bulky flood light at the corner of the garage or house that
lights up the whole yard (also known as “Prison Yard Chic”). But outdoor lighting is so much more!! Not
only does it provide safety, security and improved functionality, it adds beauty, ambiance and atmosphere. One of the outdoor lighting techniques that is now really coming into its own is moonlighting.

What is Moonlighting?

Moonlighting is a technique that mimics the light of a full moon by casting light downward from overhead. Not only does it provide a lovely wash of light that enables you to see and move around, but it creates far less light pollution and helps with Dark Sky compliance, so we can still see the stars! Because the light is aimed downward, it is not being wasted by shooting up into the sky, contributing to that glow we see above cities. In order to accomplish this technique, we can mount fixtures to trees or tall structures so that they can cast light downward.

Impacts of Moonlighting Technique

Moonlighting enhances your outdoor space—imagine the light shining down through the tree branches
and leaves, providing a soft, intriguing wash of light, and enabling you to enjoy your outdoor space well
into the evening.

With outdoor lighting, more is definitely not better. You are not trying to land a plane or do surgery! You
are looking to create a safe, inviting atmosphere that enhances the look of your home. Moonlighting is
one tool in your professional outdoor lighting providers belt for doing just that. Let us show you how
beautiful we can make your yard with Moonlighting and other professional outdoor lighting techniques!

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