Landscape Lighting – Tools And Tricks Of The Trade


Tools and Tricks of the Trade

One of the most frequent questions we get regarding our trade relates to how we bury the wires. The main clients in our industry are owners of estate properties with well-designed lawns and landscapes. The sight of us with a trencher and cutting ditches all over their lawn makes them anxious. This is majorly because they are of the thinking that their well-manicured lawns and landscapes would be negatively impacted. Due to this fact, full attention is paid towards the proper placement and burying of the wires. Despite being an effective and a very fast means of making ditches, trenchers poses several threats to the lawn and landscape. They include:

  • Leaving a large ditch that could be near impossible to fill back in completely.
  • Creating a potential threat to your irrigation system.
  • Cutting of some wiring not deeply buried, therefore needing urgent repair.
  • Cutting of tree roots, thereby causing fatal or permanent damage to the trees.

As a result, some clients do not like the idea of trenching their yards and would rather opt for hand digging, but in some instances a trencher is required regardless of the possible setback or damage. According to the National Electrical Code (NEC), the wiring which is required for a high voltage lighting must be installed at a minimum of 18 inches deep. In this kind of situation, when long distance ditches need to be that deep, it is only rational to make use of a trencher as the time and cost saved over digging trumps that required for the repairs that might need to be made. However, if its over a relatively short distance, then hand digging would be preferable.

Hand digging is particularly perfect for laying a low voltage wire to a depth of 6 inches which happens to be the depth required by the National Electrical Code. While doing this, the perfect tool to use is a flat edge spade. With this tool, a small cut which is nearly undetectable could be made in the lawn or landscape by stepping on the spade and carefully moving back and forth. Thereby ensuring that little or no damage is made to your well-manicured lawn or landscape.

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