Happy Halloween From Southern Lights


Happy Halloween from Southern Lights!  Although this holiday is usually meant to scare us, how much fun is it to see all the kids cute costumes as you open the door.  You will probably see a lot of Disney characters, crazy jack-o-lanterns carved to perfection, and spooky lighting this upcoming Friday night.

If you’re anticipating trick or treaters, did you give any thought to how much light is needed?  How well the walkway and steps are lit?  If you have coach lights or landscape lighting, make sure it’s operational and turned on.  From a liability point, providing adequate light will help ensure the little goblins and super heroes running up your walkway and steps with impaired vision due to masks will safely retrieve their candy and continue on their merry way. Whether you’re trick or treating with your kids or going to a Halloween Bash, have a great evening and be safe.








As you are out walking in your neighborhood, look around at the homes and take a second to look at who’s house has landscape lighting.  You will see a vast difference between homes in the quality of the installation, whether there are large dark areas that have not been given enough attention to properly lighting, hot spots (where lights are placed too close to the home), or the lamps used in their fixtures are different temperatures causing a discoloration across the facade of the home.  Professional landscape lighting takes experience and an eye for how to create natural architectural lighting and not a circus.

Give us a call if your home is one of the homes you noticed that may need a makeover, repair, or a brand new system. Check out our page on landscape lighting here. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!









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