Landscape Lighting Ideas For Gazebos In NC


Landscape Lighting Ideas for Gazebos in NC. A gazebo adds character and dimension to your landscape and is a great place to relax during the day.  At night, a well-lit gazebo can be a charming gathering place and cozy spot to enjoy the evening atmosphere.  The options are many and varied, so feel free to be creative, personalize your gazebo, and let it do the talking:

  • Low Voltage Lights

Low Voltage Lights have come a long way from the early days, and offer many beautiful options that can create the welcoming atmosphere you desire in your gazebo.  This is where your lighting professional’s knowledge, advice and eye can really help–you don’t want harsh glaring lights in your face while trying to enjoy the evening!  Soft up & down lighting inside the gazebo adds a great touch, and your professional lighting designer knows which fixtures will achieve your desired effect, as unobtrusively as possible.  Don’t forget about the rooftop so your gazebo’s structure can be showcased!

  • Pathway Lighting

Pathway lights on the path leading to your gazebo as well as around the outside of the gazebo itself give your landscape a great aesthetic appeal and warmth. Your landscape lighting professional will know just where to place the lights, and how many you’ll need to draw people to your gazebo and make the way there safe and inviting.

  • Uplighting

Your landscape lighting professional can show you how uplighting can showcase your gazebo’s structure, as well as highlight the landscaping around it.  Even if you’re not using the gazebo that evening, this type of lighting will make it stand out in your landscape and highlight its aesthetic appeal.

  • String Lights / Bistro Lights

This is quite popular with homeowners when it comes to lighting their gazebos. These lights are often seen in outdoor dining places, weddings and other venues and provide the charming atmosphere that homeowners desire as well.  Unfortunately, all lighting has hardware and wiring that detract from the desired effect. A lighting professional can install these as low voltage lights that come on automatically, and really knows how to hide the wiring and hardware to give you the best effect.  Additionally, lighting professionals have quality products and options unavailable to the consumer.

  • Hanging Lights

Hanging lights can add charm and soft appeal.  These fixtures can create a cozy atmosphere. Your lighting professional knows how to create the right feeling with these lights.

  • Solar Lights

At this point, the technology for solar lights is not as developed as we would like for this use.  The output level is not reliable as these lights run on batteries charged during the day by sunlight.  Having your lights run out is an unfortunate way to end a party!  It also is much more difficult to achieve the desired effect with solar lights, as style and brightness options are limited.  Hiding the unattractive hardware is also more difficult as the relatively large panels require exposure to the sun.

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