3 Reasons To Add Outdoor Lighting


On the fence about Landscape or Outdoor lighting? Or maybe you’re not sure why anybody would bother to spend the money. Or maybe you think you want it, but aren’t sure if you would get enough benefit from it. There are many reasons why outdoor lighting is beneficial, but let’s break them down into three main categories and look at it that way:


For our purposes, we can split “value” into two pieces. Derived benefit, and monetary return on investment. Derived benefit would consist of the benefits you and your family receive from lighting, such as safety and the greatly enhanced enjoyment of your outdoor property. Safety: lighting that is automatic means unexpected guests can walk to your door in safety or that if you are out later than you anticipated you won’t pull up to a dark house. Enjoyment: night swims, grilling in the evening, sitting on the patio late into the night with friends, s’mores by the fire pit, evening bounces on the trampoline, letting the kids run around chasing fireflies or playing tag at night without worrying that they’ll get hurt. These benefits are derived immediately, increase the satisfaction you have in your home, and create happy memories. One of the best reasons to invest in landscape lighting: the enjoyment of your family, friends and you!

Monetary return on investment is a little more difficult to pin down. It is generally agreed that outdoor lighting does increase the value of a home, but the exact amount varies. If you are trying to sell your home, a well-lit house will often move more quickly than one without lighting. And that is definitely worth something! And if your home is in a neighborhood where professional lighting is the norm, not having professional lighting may make it more difficult to sell. It might be perceived that your home is of lesser quality, or less well-cared for.

Peace of Mind

Pulling up to your home at night knowing the lights will be on provides an element of security that can’t be gained any other way. A well-installed outdoor lighting system is also welcoming when unexpected guests show up, and means they will be able to walk up to your door without stumbling. However, intruders will be discouraged because there won’t be dark shadows for them to hide in. They’ll move on to the house that has no lighting. Motion detectors provide some protection, but often are triggered so frequently that either homeowners and neighbors begin to ignore them, thinking it’s nothing, or the bulbs burn out prematurely, and then you’ve got nothing. Motion detectors don’t turn on until someone is already on your property. A lighting system provides consistent light, in multiple areas, that keeps intruders looking for somewhere else to try. Your family’s safety and security is a wonderful reason to install outdoor lighting.


A professionally installed outdoor lighting system is highly useful in bringing out the true beauty of any property. It can be used to highlight landscape features, water features, trees, structures like gazebos and pergolas, statues, and architectural elements of your house, and bring particular focus to unique elements of your landscape and gardens. When you go to the trouble to add these features to your property, you should not neglect the beauty they can bring to your home at night with the right lighting! The effect of lighting your home and garden can truly be enchanting! The charm of a well-lit property is completely different than the daytime effect. Don’t miss out on it!

Adding outdoor lighting to your home will give you immediate benefits of enjoyment, increased value to your home, safety and security, and beauty. Don’t wait! Give us a call so we can show you how your home can look with professionally designed and installed lighting and you can begin enjoying your yard even more!

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