Pathway Lighting Or Down Lighting?


Down lighting and pathway lighting are two of most common approaches to landscape lighting. Which of these popular approaches is more beneficial? Let’s explore down lighting vs. path lighting:

Down Lighting

This is just like it sounds: a light fixture is positioned above an area and shines down on it. This light fixture is general mounted to a tree trunk or large limb, but it can be also be mounted to a gable, pergola or any other architectural feature. This is NOT the blinding flood light installed on the soffit or by the back door! The main purpose of down lighting is to recreate the soft illumination offered by the moon, and that’s why it is often called Moon Lighting.

Pathway Lighting

Path Lighting’s chief function is to light a walking area so that you can move safely from one area to another. It may be stairs, a path alongside your house that goes from the front to the back or a trail out to your firepit. Either way, safety is the main goal, but visual appeal is an important component– you are not trying to land airplanes, so don’t go overboard! Path lighting fixtures are usually vertical and visible, so their style is a  component to your landscape that will be seen day and night.

So, what do I choose?

Your landscape determines most of your choices. If you don’t have any mature trees or tall structures, there’s nowhere to install downlighting, so you’ll be using path lighting and other in ground fixtures. But if you have mature trees, the effect from downlighting mounted in them is so beautiful! When the leaves create a dappled effect, and the shadows lend dramatic appeal, it’s really lovely. Downlighting can even replace some path lighting in the right situation. But most often, we like to use a combination of both to marry safety and visual appeal. Every situation is different, and that’s where our design skills really help us to make the most of every property, and bring out the beauty that is just waiting to shine.

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