Hardscape Lighting – How To Integrate Into The Landscape


HARDSCAPE LIGHTING- How to Integrate into the Landscape!

Hardscape lighting is the process in which we use existing structures to highlight patios, walkways, walls, pergolas, gazebos, cabanas, rock work, fireplaces, etc. Hardscaping can impact your lighting design or landscaping by providing additional light to your outdoor living space that you may not have the ability otherwise.  The incorporation of hardscape lighting into your outdoor lighting allows people to make optimum use of their property any time day or night and can provide a more natural feel to the lighting scene. Outdoor lighting makes it possible in two ways:

  • It enables you to make satisfactory use of your outdoor living spaces during dark hours and;
  • It helps to improve your safety by illuminating your patio, walkway, steps, structures, and driveways while providing a backdrop and added interest to the landscape
  • Hardscape Lighting helps to give perspective and define the space in which stands

In other words, hardscape lighting refers to the illumination of inanimate features of your home or property. It could be done in various ways or techniques such as:

  • Down Lighting or Moonlighting: This is the process in which the area of focus is illuminated from above. When done correctly, grazing a limb from above will cast a beautiful shadow onto your patio or driveway adding the natural effect of the lighting design. You can also make use of path lights which is positioned strategically to these areas so as to brighten them without putting off a glare of light within view.
  • Deck & Dock Lights: These are perfect for use on wooden surfaces such as decks and docks regardless of whether it is retrofitted into existing structures or part of new construction. The Deck & Dock light can be both elegant and safe as it possesses a wide lip with beveled edges to support the light as well as smooth rounded corners.
  • Garden and Retaining Wall Lights: These lights provide safety and warmth by accenting your garden and retaining wall projects. These hardscape lighting fixtures can support the pressures and weight of the wall. The fixture is specially designed to interlock seamlessly with any segmental wall system. Furthermore, it possesses a textured lens which assists in integrating with rock-like surface textures on walls. This enables the provision of a warm glow to illuminate the pathways or driveways that have walls in the vicinity and gives additional safety and beauty to your home.
  • Paver Lights: These can be mounted either during or after the installation of your pavers. These hardscape lighting fixtures possess a rugged design and the light lens could be easily detached for an immediate lamp replacement when required. Paver lights are mostly used in walkways, patios, driveways, and pool decks.

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