How Large Properties Can Cut Expenses On Outdoor Lighting


Homeowners seem to get all the love when we write about landscape lighting. Those who manage commercial and public properties–restaurants, parks, hotels, office buildings, monuments, etc. are very much aware of their need for lighting. For safety, to highlight beautiful things, and to create ambience. Don’t we all love to eat outside at a bistro, under those fun lights? Would you go there at night if there were no lights? How would you find the walkway without lighting? Could you appreciate the décor without illumination? On a grand scale, think about the statue of Liberty: she is no less beautiful at night, because her lighting adds a dramatic element that you can’t get during the daytime.

Clearly, large properties need lighting. But there’s no reason to throw money away! What are some ways they can cut expenses on this necessity?

The main tool we have in our box is LED lighting. It uses less energy than halogen or other options, which equals money saved. LED lighting requires less maintenance than other options, which equals money saved. Often, on large installs of landscape lighting, LEDs can actually cost less than halogen to begin with, which again, equals money saved. And many states offer incentives for adopting energy-efficient practices.

If you have an existing system, switching to LED bulbs can lower your energy costs through lower usage. LEDs offer equal brightness for lower wattage consumption, and watts are what we pay the electric company for. Additionally, because LED lamps last longer and burn cooler, maintenance costs are lower, safety hazards are reduced, and there is less downtime due to burned out bulbs. Staff can be utilitzed for maintaining other parts of the property, not replacing bulbs. All these combine to help you save money.

Choosing a certified landscape lighting designer can actually help you save money. A certified landscape lighting designer will be able to tell you how to get the best bang for your buck and how to make your lighting the most beautiful and the most functional, not over-lit or under-lit. The design and install will be done correctly, with quality products and solid know- how (which saves you money in the future—less repairs). It’s what they do. And they’ve earned their certifications. Let them show you what they can accomplish for you.

Located in Summerfield, NC Southern Lights- Architectural and Landscape Lighting serves properties and property management companies throughout the state of NC including Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown, Burlington, Reidsville, Oak Ridge, Brown Summit, Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Raleigh, Charlotte, Kannapolis, Salisbury, Gastonia, Matthews, etc.

Southern Lights has installed hundreds of outdoor landscape lighting systems and carries more certifications than anyone in the state. We specialize in lighting designs and service everything we install as well as lighting systems installed by others. With attention to detail and a solid knowledge of design, Southern Lights is the leading outdoor landscape lighting firm in the state of NC and beyond. See why our clients choose us. Contact us today by web (online form) or phone 336-451-4969.

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