Why Do I Need Lighting Maintenance?


When we install your outdoor lighting system, we bring the best tools, techniques and products to the job. We take your trust in us seriously, and our reputation too. So if we do such a great job, and our products are so top notch, why would you need lighting maintenance? Shouldn’t we be able to install the LED lights and say “See you in 10 or 20 years when one burns out?” The electrician who wired your house doesn’t come out every year to “service” the system, so why should you need us? Some things don’t typically need routine maintenance (like the electrical work in your house). But outdoor lighting is not one of those things. Your interior electrical work is in a climate controlled, protected environment that doesn’t change the same way that an outdoor system does. Let’s see what can happen in a year in the life of your outdoor lighting.

Going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing it doesn’t rain much inside your house. Nor do irrigation sprinklers do their thing there, right? Well, outdoor fixtures are exposed to both of those things. And hard water will leave its deposits there along with general dirt and grime, to build up and cloud the lens, as well as to make the fixture less attractive. On our service calls, we clean the fixture and the lens so your lights shine their brightest and look their best.

Additionally, most of your inside light fixtures are mounted into the ceiling or walls, not the floor. So they don’t get knocked out of position. Outdoor lights can be knocked out of position by kids, pets, yard equipment, root or limb growth, a rogue soccer ball, winter weather, etc. Our service visits include us re-positioning the lights as needed.

Again, I’m pretty sure you do not have anything growing in the walls where your indoor electrical work is, right? It’s a pretty stable environment. Not so for your outdoor lighting! Trees and shrubs grow; leaves fall; mulch gets kicked around. If you do not have your tree lights adjusted, the tree can actually grow around your hardware and “swallow” it. Not to mention that either the lights will need to be adjusted to work around new growth or the trees/shrubs themselves will require some pruning to ensure the lights are looking their best and shining where they belong. Leaves and mulch that cover the lights can be dangerous (more so with halogen lights because of the heat) but also can obscure the lights. Our service visits include us adjusting tree lights to prevent damage, pruning as necessary, and removing leaves and mulch that cover your lights.

Also, sometimes wires become exposed. We re-bury them to the proper depth. We check to see if any of our furry friends are causing damage, and repair as needed. We check the transformer, the load level (if incorrect, this can do much damage to your system and transformer!), the timers, and the connections.

You’ve spent good money on your outdoor lighting system. You’ve trusted us to design and install it. And it looks fantastic! Now trust us for your outdoor lighting maintenance so it looks great all the time, and so that minor issues don’t become major problems. We can also service professional systems that we did not install and welcome those calls, so we can get your system operating properly and looking its best.

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