Keep Your Commercial Property Safe With Outdoor Security Lighting


We know that lighting enhances the beauty of buildings (like the Empire State Building) and other structures (Flagpoles, the Statue of Liberty, the St. Louis arch, the Roman Colosseum) by creating contrasts between light and shadow and highlighting certain features. We know lighting improves safety—pedestrians, employees, guests and anyone else can move about with safety because they can see where they are going and what is around them. But can landscape lighting improve the security on my commercial property too? Absolutely! It’s one of the main reasons to install outdoor lighting. Let’s look at how outdoor security lighting helps keep your commercial property safe:

  • Criminal trespassing is decreased: Due to increased visibility, criminals are far less likely to enter your property. They do not want to be seen.
  • Places where someone might try to hide can be illuminated, increasing the chances of being seen and decreasing the appeal as a hiding spot.
  • Creates the ability to recognize faces up to about 30 feet away.
  • Deters wildlife from coming to your property and allows you to see them if they are there.

To derive the maximum benefits from your landscape lighting, proper design is key. Lights need to be bright enough to help people see, but not so bright as to create glare. Aiming lights so that they will end up shining directly into people’s faces is a security and safety hazard, rather than a help. A certified outdoor lighting technician knows the places that need to be covered (entrances, exits, pathways, etc.) and will have the proper lighting  fixtures and bulbs for the job. Your outdoor lighting professional will also know how to place lighting to work in conjunction with security cameras, not against them.

Dimmable lighting often provides the perfect solution for determining the right amount of illumination. Dimmable lights have timers which help to control the level of brightness, making sure there is the optimal level of illumination for safety and security, without being intrusive. Instead of the energy-consuming halogen and incandescent bulbs, today we use LEDs which use much less electricity, so you won’t have to break the bank to improve the security on your commercial property.

If you own commercial property, an outdoor lighting system that is properly designed and professionally installed is an important part of your property’s safety and security. An additional bonus is how it will beautify your property as well. Your tenants and their guests will thank you for helping them to feel safe and secure as they come and go.

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