Residential And Commercial Lighting. How Are They Different?


There are several differences between residential and commercial lighting, let’s dive in:


The main difference between the two types of properties is traffic level. Homes generally have less traffic than commercial properties. And so the requirements for home lighting are lower. At the same time, some of the restrictions are higher whether through HOA requirements or due to closer proximity to neighbors. The number of fixtures may be limited, as well as lumen output and of course, the direction of the fixtures must take into account the neighbors’ comfort as well. You don’t want to point a bright light into your neighbor’s yard; it’s not very neighborly.

Since commercial properties have higher traffic, they have a higher lighting requirement. You must protect the safety and security of your customers and clients. Think about it– no one likes to shop at a dimly lit shopping center. You can’t see where you’re going, what might be in your way, or if someone is hiding and waiting for an opportunity to hurt you. And others, especially drivers, can’t see you if the area is poorly lit. Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Commercial properties have higher minimum regulations for lighting than homes do to protect both owners and clients.

Desired Effect

Residential lighting functions for both safety and security, of course. It helps deter break-ins and enables friends and family to move about your property safely. But another main purpose is to create an atmosphere of warm welcoming and coziness. Commercial Outdoor Lighting also creates an atmosphere, but it is intended more to draw attention. For example, lighting up the entry sign to your business or subdivision is intended to catch the eye to let people know who you are and where you are. You don’t generally light a home like that. Additionally, outdoor lighting can be used in a commercial property to highlight architecture, just like a home, but there are usually other competing factors, such as parking lot lights, that you don’t find in residential settings.

More importantly, the safety and security of the guests must also be taken into consideration. We make use of quality lighting for the entries and exits as well as the parking areas to eliminate dark spots and provide a safe and secure environment for all.

The majority of design principles apply to both residential and commercial properties. For example, over- or under-lighting is undesirable, detrimental and unsafe for either one. But what constitutes the right lighting differs, and how to achieve those desired results is what a certified outdoor lighting designer is trained to do well.

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