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Outdoor lighting systems are susceptible to several problems such as vandalism or damage which prevent them from working properly, or even working at all. This is of course unwanted by home or property owners who want to do whatever they can to prevent damage. Vandalism and damage come in two different forms – human and non-human.

Human vandalism or damage encapsulates all the damages made to the lighting system (intentionally or accidentally) which involves an individual. A good example are neighborhood kids who accidentally crash into things (like lighting fixtures and mailboxes) while on skate boards, bikes or even cars. Or the ones who just like the idea of tearing things up using their hands, feet, baseball bats and more, just to destroy property. As a result, many homeowners incur unexpected expenditures which are usually costly. However, the risk could be significantly reduced through proper installation and maintenance of the landscape lighting system. The non-human vandalism or damage comes in various forms, such as natural acts and animals. Natural acts refers to the damages caused by factors such as cold temperatures and moisture. The risk caused by this can also be reduced through proper maintenance of your lighting system by a certified landscape lighting technician.

The worst culprits of all are the animals such as dogs, ants, squirrels, and more. Many home owners have that beloved pet dog who joyously takes up the duty of digging holes in the yard. During the course of their duty, they may come in contact with an obstruction (which is of course a low voltage wire buried about 6 inches under the lawn) and decide the only way to get rid of it is to chew their way through. Ah, . . . persistence! This can be repaired, but prevention is certainly better than cure. And the only way to prevent is to train the dog to stop digging in the yard.

Unfortunately, preventing other animals such as ants and squirrels from vandalizing your lighting system may not be that easy. And this is where we, the certified professional landscape lighting provider, come in, as we possess some creative techniques that help limit outdoor lighting damage done by these animals and also to ensure the durability of your outdoor lighting system. Our maintenance packages keep your system operating at its best and help ward off non-human vandals. Additionally, proper installation and maintenance can provide some measure of protection against human damage too.

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Southern Lights has installed hundreds of outdoor landscape lighting systems and carries more certifications than anyone in the state. We specialize in lighting designs and service everything we install as well as lighting systems installed by others. With attention to detail and a solid knowledge of design, Southern Lights is the leading outdoor landscape lighting firm in the state of NC and beyond. See why our clients choose us. Contact us today by web (online form) or phone at 336-451-4969.

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