Outdoor Lighting Repair VS. Replacement: Can Your System Be Salvaged?


Outdoor Lighting Repair vs. Replacement: 3 Things to Consider

It seems like just yesterday you spent all that time and money lighting your house just perfectly with landscape lighting. But now you look outside and instead of a spectacular, welcoming well-lit home, your house looks half-lit by a dimwit. Where did the time go and can you salvage this lighting system? Does your outdoor lighting system need repair or to be replaced? Probably more time has passed than you realize, and those lights have had some rough times, between the dog, the kids, the weather, and the weed-eater (or maybe that’s just at my house). It’s impossible to tell you for certain via a blog whether you should repair or replace your lights, but there are three main parts to consider when you make your decision:

#1 The connections

Loose or broken connections are an extremely common problem.  Critters nibble at wires, shovels don’t always land where we plan, and wire nuts and pierce connectors corrode easily.  Repair your outdoor lighting system by replacing with the right corrosion resistant connectors. Southern Lights only uses completely waterproof copper crimped connections with a lockable 2” grease tube to prevent moisture and corrosion.

#2 The fixtures

If your fixtures were not of high quality to begin with (i.e. plastic, aluminum or a composite) they may not in fact be repairable at all, and your decision has been made for you—replace is your only option.  Truly, the quality of lighting fixtures decides their lifespan.  Low-budget fixtures are not created to reliably keep out moisture or critters, and this can lower their lifespan dramatically. We all love a bargain, but this is a “you get what you pay for” kind of thing.

Fixtures made of copper and brass can hold up for decades under tough conditions. You only need to repair and revamp for them to be at their best once again (and then keep them in good shape with routine maintenance).

Some companies, like Southern Lights of NC, offer lifetime warranty on their fixtures. Check to see if your fixtures are covered by warranty. If not, be sure to replace your fixtures with high-quality fixtures that have a lifetime warranty.

#3 The transformer

This is not a toy that turns into a truck or a robot, but it does transform electricity into the proper current for your system and sends it to the lights through the wires.  Sometimes the problem might just be a loose connection inside the transformer, which can happen over time, and we can easily repair that for you with a quick service call.  More seriously, a loose connection can create a short, melted connections or worse, a fire.  Typically then the transformer is beyond the “repair or replace” question—replace is your only option.  Careful maintenance can help prevent this type of dangerous problem.

Please, please, please remember to disconnect the electricity BEFORE you try any work like this if you are inclined to DIY.

Ok, I’ll be honest—cost is a big factor here

Sometimes it seems like repair is the least expensive option but it turns out to be cost-prohibitive if there’s a lot going on, not to mention it’s frustrating to have your lights not consistently working.  You’ll end up spending more to repair it bit by bit as each new problem crops up than to get a new system.  Our certified specialist can let you know if it’s worth repairing your current system, or what it would cost to replace it with our quality fixtures. And we “light up” at the thought of helping your outdoor lights look their best through a maintenance program.

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