Use Outdoor Lighting To Highlight Water Features & Plants


Outdoor Lighting is not merely functional. Yes, it serves to enhance safety and security. It keeps friends and family safe while moving about your property while at the same time serving as a deterrent to potential intruders or troublemakers. But it also serves to enhance the beauty of the landscaping, architecture, structures and accents of your property. And truly, that is the most enjoyable part of our job—we get to flex our design muscles and make your home look better.

Plants and Trees

One of the major ways we beautify your home is to highlight plantings. Adding uplights and downlights to mimic soft moonlight makes your home more appealing and also safer from intruders. Light plays with shadow to bring out the structure of trees and shrubs in a way that is impossible to achieve during bright daylight, which has its own beauty. A light shining upward from the base of a large tree can really highlight the beauty of its branches, especially in winter when leaves are gone. Pathlights not only light the way for pedestrians, they can show off the flowers and shrubs nearby, providing both safety and beauty.

Water Features

Pools and poolside areas definitely benefit from lighting. Night swims are a fun treat, and lighting makes the pool more appealing and swimming a much safer activity. Even if no one is going swimming, a well-lit pool offers a lovely view that draws you out to be near it.

The sound of moving water is both soothing and motivating. It invites us to sit near it and relax, or to be energized by the movement. A waterfall, fountain or stream in your yard is a beautiful feature that is greatly enhanced by illumination because t’s actually a bit disquieting to be able to hear water moving at night, but not be able to see it. A well-lit water feature beckons you to drawn near and enjoy it. Lighting makes a visual impact that complements the sounds, or offers its own solo charm when the water is too far away to be heard.

If you have a small pond with fish, underwater lighting allows their beauty to be enjoyed at night as well during the day. It adds to the charm of your property and everyone loves to watch the fish!

Outdoor lighting absolutely serves a functional purpose by providing safety and security. The charm and beauty it brings to a property is a real, legitimate benefit too. It may be more difficult to quantify, but when you see your home at night and you smile because it’s so pretty and that river birch stands out so much now, and the waterfall looks so beautiful, and you never knew how pretty that groundcover was, you’ll know that you made the right decision to put in professional outdoor lighting.

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