I Didn’t Know That I Needed Landscape Lighting


Sometimes we get used to things and don’t realize what we’re missing. Or, really, what they are missing? We all have something that doesn’t exactly work right, but if we whack it just so, or set it just right, it’ll do. Like the oven with the broken thermostat that you set to 500 when you really want 350 degrees. Or the toilet that you have to jiggle the handle.

This can also apply to landscape lighting. Once you have it, you can’t imagine life without it. But then you don’t realize that things have changed, and maybe your lighting should change with it. Because you’re used to it the way it is. Or maybe you are considering adding it for the first time and want to do it right. Take a look at your yard as if seeing it for the first time. In the dark.


This is where it all begins for both you and your guests. The driveway calls attention to your home and gives them a safe entry onto your property. Light the sides of your driveway to clearly define its borders. What about the front door? Most of us have some kind of hardwired fixture next to it. And they are helpful. But make sure you’ve got the best lighting for the whole area leading up to and around your door. This should be the focal point—add décor and a seasonal wreath to drawn the eye to the door. Lighting will show off the door (especially if it’s a unique one) as well as any décor you have. Don’t forget to light up your house numbers! It’s a safety precaution (for 911 calls) as well as a courtesy to guests. What about the back door? Now there is a place that usually gets the short end of the stick. The back door gets the cheap and ugly carriage light. But really, we go in and out of there all the time—taking out the trash, walking the dog, getting to the deck or patio and the firepit (Marshmallows! Yeah!) And your guests join you as well (especially if you have marshmallows). Make sure they can find their way around, and that it’s beautiful too.

Flower Beds

Homeowners understand the need for path lights to light the way to the door. And often, this is all they do. They fail to see that your flower beds, which are created to be attractive, should be highlighted at night as well. They’re beautiful then too! Downlighting is always a perfect choice to increase your garden’s aesthetic appeal during the dark hours. A professional landscape lighting designer will help you make the right choices to bring out your home’s hidden nighttime beauty.

The Inside-Out

You are probably wondering what in the world this means, right?! Simple: what do you see from the inside? For example: the window over the kitchen sink. We spend a lot of time looking out of that one while cleaning up. Wouldn’t it be nice to see something beautiful? What about the window by the table where you eat? Wouldn’t it be nice to look out and see something gorgeous? Professionally designed landscape lighting can give you that.

The Play Area

What’s more fun than playing outside on the swings, clubhouse, and trampoline all day? Playing outside on the swings, clubhouse, and trampoline all night long! Seriously. Your house will be The Funnest House on the Street, and all the kids will want to hang out at your house—outside. Playing outside means less of a mess inside (not to mention less screen time and more exercise. Serious win-win). And when your kids are at your house, you know what they are doing and with whom.


It used to be that lighting options were very limited in concrete, unless planned for ahead of time. But today, we can retrofit recessed lights in the concrete (you can even drive over them!). And the wiring can be hidden as well—no worries when shoveling snow.


There is a high possibility that new elements have been added to your yard (such as a water feature, seating area, or a new outdoor kitchen), since your original lighting design. Consequently, they end up being neglected. You might want to consider adding some lights for safety, added enjoyment, and beautification after dark. A certified landscape lighting designer will help you plan for the future as well as catch up to the here and now.

A certified landscape lighting designer can help you plan your lighting to highlight all the important areas and create a safe, beautiful, welcoming home. You won’t regret it.

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