When Do I Plan For Landscape Lighting During My Project?


Among the more common questions people have regarding outdoor lighting for their hardscape is when they should contact an outdoor lighting specialist: before, during or after the project? Hardscape features such as pavilions, paver patios, pergolas, walkways, driveways, fire pits, seat walls and outdoor kitchens really do benefit from landscape lighting. Not only does lighting make your whole property more secure, it increases your ability to enjoy these beautiful amenities by allowing you to use and enjoy them into the night. So, when is the best time to call a landscape lighting installer? One thing to remember is that outdoor lighting designers and installers can have a lead time of several weeks from initial call to install, depending on your schedule and theirs. So the best thing is to call earlier than you think you should to ensure that you will be able to get a quote and get on the installation schedule on the timetable that suits you for your project.

New Hardscape Construction

Ideally, from a design and implementation standpoint, the best time to have your outdoor lighting professional involved is during the design of the hardscape project itself. This would allow the lighting designer to add lighting to all the necessary places and to work with the hardscape designer and installer to achieve that in the best way possible. However, depending on how your outdoor lighting installer quotes and charges for the project, multiple visits from them can increase your costs if they charge per trip. But this can be offset by potentially decreasing costs for the actual install if some of the prep work is done during the construction of the hardscape project. Talk to your landscape lighting installer before your hardscape project begins and find out how they charge for their projects and what their preference is. Typically, you’ll find they like to be in on things earlier, so they can work in conjunction with the hardscape installer to give you exactly what you want, where you want it, and streamline the installation process by having the groundwork laid ahead of time.

Existing Hardscapes

If you missed the window for laying groundwork during the installation of the hardscape project, or you’ve had your hardscape feature for a while but weren’t ready to proceed with lighting until now, you are in the majority. The bulk of our work comes from adding lighting to already existing hardscapes and landscapes.

But, can I retrofit hardscape for lighting? Yes, it can be done, regardless of how long the hardscape has been there. A benefit to waiting is that the lighting installer won’t have to come out multiple times, as may be the case with a “during construction” design and install. In an existing hardscape, the designer comes out once to see the project, creates a design and quote, and then comes out to do the actual project. This may save some money over a design implemented during construction.

If you are installing a hardscape project and aren’t sure if you want lighting, or perhaps are trying to do the project in phases, ask your hardscape contractor to please make adaptations now that will help lighting that will be installed in the future. This can potentially save you money on your lighting project by making the installation easier (i.e. because accommodations have been made for wires to go underneath a sidewalk rather than around it, much less wire needs to be run, saving money on time and materials).

A certified outdoor lighting installer can easily either retrofit lighting into an existing hardscape project or work in conjunction with your hardscape installer to create a plan during the design and implementation of your hardscape project. Don’t be put off, thinking it’s too late. Get your lighting installed either way.

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