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If money were no object, what would you include in your dream landscape and outdoor living space?  Well, since money growing from trees hasn’t been perfected yet, start with our budgeting tool to develop your picture perfect project within a range your comfortable with. Use the budgeting tool to create multiple budgets for planning multiple phases.

Establish a Budget

We understand that every project and client are different. There are a multitude of things to consider when designing landscape lighting and there are many options which impact the outcome and the price. Although, it may seem a little overwhelming, our goal is to help guide you towards an achievable project that fits within your budget. Giving your budget to the designer doesn’t mean you are going to be taken advantage of, it allows for an honest conversation that can help to build momentum and a great landscape design process that can be implemented in a more timely manner and with fewer revisions. Southern Exposure designs and builds landscapes for every segment and for all kinds of clients with different interests, different needs, and different budgets.

Use our project-building tool below to select the items you’re thinking of and get an idea of the cost range you can expect. Try adding in or replacing items to create the perfect package and see how it affects your total. It’s a fun and smart way to start planning your project! When you’re ready for some more exact numbers, or would like help building your package, just give us a call.

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*This budgeting tool was designed to help give an instant idea of what your project might cost.  This tool is only meant to be used to provide a rough estimate, not a specific cost structure. Other costs to consider:

  • Design fees: can range from $250 to $2000
  • Permit drawings and fees: can range from $1000 to $2500
  • Site Access: sites with narrow or difficult access are more costly
  • Utilities: depending on your selections above, if utilities are located in that region, you may have to relocate them or change your landscape design
  • Elevation/Slope/Grade: these items usually add a lot of interest to your design, but will generally cost you more money (additional grading, retaining walls, more time-consuming, etc).


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