Outdoor Security Lighting: Dimmers And Motion Sensors


This one goes out to the One I Love because outdoor security lighting is of great importance when it comes to the prevention of crime and ensuring the safety of you, your family, and your guests. It is much more than a simple prop to occupy my time! Figuring out the most appropriate way to illuminate your home for security purposes can be very tricky. Over-lighting is unflattering and can disturb everyone’s attempts at some REM sleep, and is not as effective for safety as you might think while under-lighting is almost as good as non-existent.

Here is some insight into two major landscape security lighting options to help you determine the most suitable choices for your home. So Stand in the place where you live, now face north; think about direction, wonder why you haven’t before, and consider the following:


Not only can we put a Man on the Moon, but we can outfit your yard with dimmable lights! With dimmable lights, you can easily control the brightness of your outdoor lighting through the use of timers or manual changes. You can program your lights to be on full power until bedtime so you never have to worry if you have enough light for your guests to find the door, and then have them dim gradually till dawn so as not to disturb anyone trying to sleep, and yet still maintaining safety. A properly illuminated home at any point during the dark hours is always a deterrent for any unwanted visitor. Be it 10 p.m or 3 a.m, you can always be rest assured your safety is guaranteed and you’ll never have to Stand in the place where you live and say “I’m Sorry” to your neighbors for the overly bright lights at 3 a.m.

Motion Sensors

The type of motion sensor lighting used most often is the passive type. It detects motion by noticing shifts in infrared energy. When the sensor attached to your lighting fixture senses a motion in your yard, it directs the light to turn on. Many of us use them for the ubiquitous super bright garage corner floodlight, which can result in a feeling of That’s Me in the Spotlight, Losing My Religion when the blinding light comes on unexpectedly! It’s not exactly the End of the World as We Know It, but it’s annoying and dangerous.

But the proper use of motion sensors in a professionally designed and installed landscape lighting system is actually a great way to ensure your safety—if you are out with the dog or taking out the recycling filled with Orange Crush cans, or feel compelled to do some Gardening at Night (during which you’ll want to put on your Finest Work song), the detector will sense your movement and turn on the light as needed to prevent a situation where Everybody Hurts and to sure that no one will Fall on Me. Unfortunately, these lights do not always trigger a potential criminal to run away upon turning on. Just like car alarms, nobody pays attention as they have become more of an annoyance than a security measure, with the lights often being too sensitive, and triggering at any slight change in the environment. Do not rely solely on them for security. Nevertheless, they still go a long way to ensure your safety and are definitely worth installing in your yard.

Both these tools have their place in your safety, security and ambiance. During the daytime, If you are confused, check with the sun; carry a compass to help you along. But at night, you’ll need some good landscape lighting, professionally designed and installed to help you determine the best way to create a warm atmosphere, where all your Shiny Happy People feel welcome and safe.

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