Landscape Lighting In Greensboro, NC- Get Your $$$ Worth


Landscape Lighting in Greensboro, NC– Get Your $$$ Worth.  You’ve heard that saying, “You get what you pay for”, right? How many times have you ignored that statement? My guess is more than you’d like to remember. The concept is easy and makes sense, but why do so many homeowners continue to test their luck? The answer is simple. They believe in unicorns. Price and value generally never align completely. Most homeowners are easily tempted to look for various ways to cut their expenses and still get what they want. Like with most bargain buys, your item will last for a while before you have issues, but eventually that day always comes. Why? Because you didn’t perform a true cost comparison. Let’s be honest, lighting’s not cheap. You ARE investing in your home’s nighttime appeal and value, and to understand what your “true cost” is, you have to understand the components needed for a landscape lighting system and the value of your chosen lighting designer/installer.

Savings vs. True Cost

How do you run a cost comparison to make sure you get what you pay for with your landscape lighting design? First, take total project cost including materials and labor. Then factor in the length of time before you can expect to have a lamp failure (depends greatly on whether you use a Halogen or an LED lamp) or a fixture/seal/socket/connection/transformer issue (depends greatly on whether you use quality materials & you hired an experience lighting technician). At this point, you can see where you’re initial cost “savings” starts to change your “true cost.” Depending on whether the system is warranted as well will make an impact on overall cost, because now that you have a repair to make. Generally, your landscape lighting company will charge a service call fees to show up and assess the repair and then charge you for parts and labor on top of that. Again, your “initial savings” is starting to dwindle. If you saved money initially on a Halogen landscape lighting system versus opting for an LED landscape lighting system, you will also begin replacing lamps often along with higher power bills.  Lots to consider when analyzing two different lighting proposals from landscape lighting companies in Greensboro, NC. Knowing the right questions to ask is important.

Plan Ahead

Paying a little more up front for your landscape lighting design and installation almost never will be a mistake. More time planning out your system on the front end could cut down on cost as well by accounting for additional space in your transformer down the road for expansion. Wire installation is another area that could be piped, plumbed, or run into areas where you plan to expand your landscape lighting system during future phases. Having the assurity that your home and property are safe with the proper amperage and voltage applied to your wire, fixtures, and transformers will give you a peace of mind that you may not find by using the lowest bid (you’ll sleep better hiring a professional, we promise).

Don’t Be Fooled- Materials Are Not the Same


Don’t be fooled be the low bid and of the mindset that one company’s services, materials, and experience are necessarily the same. Most landscape lighting in Greensboro, NC is done by inexperienced landscapers that install one of two systems per year, not by experienced lighting specialists. Getting a great price on your lighting is not a “bad” thing, but hiring the local landscaper and expecting them to perform the same quality installation with guaranteed materials and design is unrealistic. Most of these economy lighting packages that are installed by landscape lighting companies in Greensboro, NC offer subpar products which will start to deteriorate the day you take them out of the package. Seals are weak, sockets are cheap, connections aren’t solid, and the finish on the exterior of the fixtures begins to fade, crack, and peal within months.  Does that sound like value to you? After a year, half of the system may no longer work, thereby forcing you to have it repaired or replaced. Good luck getting your initial installer to warranty these cheaper systems, as these systems don’t offer warranties.

Another thing to think about which we haven’t covered yet is the lamp used. LED’s are very similar to fixtures in there are good quality lamps that will last 15+ years and are guaranteed to do so and then there are the LED’s that cost half as mulch and burn out within 1-2 years. Don’t be that guy/girl that thinks all things are equal, you will be sadly mistaken.

What’s the Skinny on Transformers, Wiring, and Connections?

So we’ve covered the differences in fixtures and lamps, now let’s look at what actually brings these parts to life; your lighting transformer, wire, and
connections.  Nothing has changed with these items, they are just as important as the fixtures and lamps so don’t settle for landscape lighting companies in Greensboro, NC that tell you any different. Poor wiring and overloading (too much power to the transformer) can create several hazardous situation for you and your home.  Ask your landscape lighting specialist before the project begins how they plan on making their connections. Are they using wire nuts? Are they using waterproof wire nuts? Are they using prick connectors? …or are they using copper crimps and grease tubes or soldering & heat shrinking? (hopefully this is the answer your receive). If the answer is anything other than the last response, you know you’re dealing with an inexperience lighting company or individual that is new to this industry and shouldn’t be working with electricity. Does your contractor warranty their transformers? 1 year, 2 years, 10 years, or lifetime? This is one of the most expenses parts in your system and should be of extreme quality; the entire lighting systems depends on it every night to operate flawlessly. If you’re not getting at least a 10 year warranty on your transformer, you have chosen the wrong contractor and materials for your project.  Fluke acts of nature happen including lightning storms that can affect and damage your system.

You no longer have to fall victim the term you get what you paid for now that you’ve been educated. Choosing the right landscape lighting company in Greensboro, NC is an important decision. Don’t buy on your perceived “savings,” buy on the “true cost” and stability of an experience lighting company that stands behind their work. We hope you choose the right company (Southern Lights of NC) for your outdoor lighting system. If you do, we promise you will have an amazing lighting system that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait till you hire an amateur.”

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