How Do I Achieve Safety And Beauty In Landscape Lighting?


Most homeowners are of the thinking that landscape lighting can either make your home safe OR beautiful, but not both. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth! Both beauty and security simply require the proper balance of quality products, great design and proper execution.

Dimmable Lighting

This is one of the safety features provided by a well-engineered landscape lighting system to homeowners. With this, homeowners can take control of the lighting level in their yards irrespective of the time. You can set your lights to suit your lifestyle without having to compromise your security or the beauty of your yard. For instance, you can set the lights to automatically reduce by 30% at 11 p.m and another 30% at 1 a.m and then gradually till it completely goes off at dawn. This keeps intruders at bay but won’t keep the neighbors awake.

LED Landscape Lighting

A well illuminated yard is less traveled by unwanted visitors. And thanks to the long lifespan and energy efficiency of the modern LED lighting, you can afford to leave your outdoor lighting on from dusk till dawn. Regardless of the hour, you can rest assured your home is secured without having to detract from its aesthetic appeal. And this can be achieved in several ways including the proper combination of moonlighting and downlighting effects, both of which contribute to safety and aesthetics.

Proper Illumination

Without proper training, whoever designs your lighting plan (whether it’s you, or a landscaper who has lighting as a side offering) may not achieve proper balance or may end up with too much lighting. Either one can lead to dark spaces and shadows which are visually unattractive, but may be attractive to would-be intruders. Without good landscape lighting design, the whole thing falls apart. You want people to pass by thinking, “What a beautiful home!” not “Dang! What’s up with that place?” Proper illumination can easily achieve that.

Choosing the right products, installed in a well-designed manner will not only make your home more secure, it will be more beautiful as well. There’s no need to sacrifice one for the other. A certified landscape lighting technician has the knowledge and the tools to enhance your home’s beauty while simultaneously increasing security. That’s a win-win situation for you.

For more information about how to beautify your security lighting check out this blog – “Security Lighting Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly

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