Has Your Original Outdoor Lighting Company Gone Out Of Business Or Been Sold?


Protecting your lighting investment is important. That’s why it is so important to find a local outdoor lighting designer and contractor that is stable and has been in business for at least 10 years or more. Remember that warranty that came with your purchase of a new system? Maybe it carried a 10 year warranty, perhaps even a lifetime warranty but come to find out that when you really needed that warranty, the original company you had install it is nowhere to be found now. We know that pain ourselves when dealing with expensive purchases and vendors for equipment. Now that we’ve gotten you all riled up again about not being able to locate your original lighting company, let me put your mind at ease.

Southern Lights of NC is willing to step in and service systems that we didn’t install originally, because building our brand is more than just installing new systems. We value service work and know first hand the importance of outdoor lighting maintenance. If your outdoor lighting company has gone out of business or been sold, you can still receive excellent service from Southern Lights of NC. Many times we are able honor your warranty from another installer.

Southern Lights of NC’s owner has been in business over 21 years and is only 37 years old. That’s right, he started when he was 16. Why does that matter to you? Well, let me ask you this? Do you want a financial adviser with experience? Of course. Would you look to hire a financial adviser that is in his late 50’s or 60’s? Probably not. Why not? If you’re like most, you want someone with great experience, but you also want someone that you know will be around in the future for future needs. Right? I thought so. Southern Lights of NC is more qualified and certified than all our competition and doesn’t have an owner that’s looking to retire or sell out.

Southern Lights of NC is not a franchise and has been a 1 owner, local outdoor lighting company that has built its roots in the Greensboro, Triad area dating back to 1995. What does it mean to you that we did not purchase an outdoor lighting company or a franchise? It means that we have built this company from the ground up and have worked hard for years to fine tune our craft in our local Greensboro, Triad area market. Our owner was born and raised in Greensboro, NC and knows this market inside and out. We did not inherit a book of business to grow overnight, we’ve taking our time and grown organically. Steady, consistent growth is one of our strengths. We’ve seen from others the effects of instant or rapid growth and want to give our clients the best service possible each and every time.

It seems that every landscaper these days is adding landscape lighting as a service offering, even several new start-up lighting companies in the Greensboro, Triad area. This is not necessarily a bad thing, competition is healthy. Outdoor lighting is now becoming and getting noticed as a true added value to your home, property, and business which is why we are seeing more emphasis placed in our industry. The problem with start ups and landscapers offering outdoor lighting systems is that like most businesses, there’s a huge learning curve, not just getting the technical experience needed to install outdoor lighting confidently & safely, but also learning what it actually takes to run a business. Receiving low ball offers from a company like this is that is just starting to get their feet wet is dangerous for property owners who are getting ready to invest a large amount of money into their property.

Many businesses are started and then sadly fold after just a few years, for a variety of reasons. There is a high failure rate among small businesses, close to 80% fail within the first 5 years of being in business. That’s not stretching the truth, these are proven numbers. If you’ve recently purchased a home with outdoor lighting or have had your outdoor lighting system for a number of years and now finding it difficult to locate or contact your original installation company, don’t be alarmed (several companies have gone out of business or been sold over the last several years). Was your system installed by:

  • Light Sculptors
  • Lighting Designs of America, Inc.
  • Lighting Designs of the Carolinas
  • Lighting Designs of Charlotte
  • Lighting Designs of Greensboro
  • Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (OLP)
  • Prolifiscapes

If you’re now in need of a new lighting design, installation, or repair company to help with your outdoor lighting, look no further. We want to provide you with the same amazing service we give our new installation clients.  Don’t worry, Southern Lights of NC has you covered. Ask about our transferable warranties to see if your existing system can still be covered under warranty.

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