What Constitutes A Landscape Lighting Professional?


Qualities of An Outdoor Lighting Expert!

What makes an outdoor lighting expert? We often receive requests from homeowners to repair or re-install their outdoor lighting system after hiring the services of a supposed ‘lighting professional’. They contact us due to frustration after their ‘lighting professional’ stopped returning calls, or simply closed up shop. Consequently, the homeowners end up paying more than they originally budgeted: the original amount of the install, and then the cost to have the system repaired or re-installed. This additional expenditure could be avoided with adequate insight into what makes a landscape lighting expert. Below are questions you should take into consideration before hiring an outdoor lighting company.

What makes a Professional?

This represent questions you should consider to determine a true landscape lighting professional. It includes:

  • How many years have they been in operation?
  • How much training have they received?
  • Do they have any certifications?
  • Do they have a dedicated person(s) who specializes in lighting?
  • Are they a jack-of- all-trades company? There is a difference between a ‘landscape company’ and a ‘landscape lighting company.’ Beware!

The Lighting Design Concept

An outdoor lighting expert should possess vast knowledge and experience as regards outdoor lighting designs. The following should be considered to ensure maximum satisfaction:

  • Can the lighting company provide you with a portfolio which showcases their work? Can you speak to previous customers?
  • How many outdoor lighting systems have they successfully designed and installed?
  • Do they possess adequate knowledge on the utilization of lumen output, beam spread, automated dimming remote function and multi-zone control?
  • Do they keep up-to- date on the latest developments in landscape lighting, or do they just do the same thing over and over?

Is the Lighting System Properly Engineered?

Proper design and implementation of low voltage lighting systems takes several years of learning and experience to acquire the necessary skill and technique:

  • What type of connector is being utilized? Ensure only ratcheted tight, water tight and heat shrink connectors are utilized.
  • Does the lighting company offer a life time warranty on all the underground components as well as installation?
  • Is the lamp load tested to ensure proper voltage output?
  • Is lighting just another add-on sale to their trade? For a durable lighting system, brass and copper of good quality should be used.


Services such as adjusting fixture aim for tree or plant growth, cleaning of lenses and other maintenance services are important for the functionality and reliability of the lighting system over time. In order to choose an outdoor lighting professional, the following should also be considered:

  • Will your installer be able to help maintain your lighting system? This is another area where adequate and ongoing training is helpful.
  • Will they respond to your service request quickly?
  • Are bulb replacements included in their warranty?
  • And how dedicated are they to your landscape lighting system? The more training and certifications they have, the better. Also, if they belong to any landscape lighting professional associations, it shows a commitment to the trade.

Choosing a landscape lighting professional wisely will not only result in a more beautiful appearance for your home, but it will also save you money in the long run (“Do it right, or do it twice”). Don’t be afraid to ask questions, after all it’s your home and your money, and you deserve the best.

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