Light Up The Night With Steel Bollards


Beautify with Bollards

There are aspects of lighting design and installation that are fairly consistent from job to job. But we just love it when we get to go outside the norm and show off our creativity! One of the ways we can do that is with bollards.

With what?

Bollards! Historically, “bollard” is a nautical term, describing the post to which ships attach at a wharf or pier. Traditionally, they possess a cylindrical shape with a rounded top (to make it easier to get the ropes on and off). Bollards are definitely not limited to nautical use, and can have any vertical shape (square, triangle, etc.). They are primarily used now to block cars from driving into areas where they do not belong (for example, the big red balls in front of Target stores or the entrance to a city square), but are frequently used to also provide lighting. This method of lighting is desirable in that it creates neither glare nor light pollution because it is directed downward from the top of the bollard.

Aesthetically speaking

Adding lights to bollards was a practical decision. Over the years, the aesthetic appeal and potential for design flexibility has made great strides. Today we have numerous stock decorative patterns using laser-cut designs, and custom ones can always be made. The lights shine through the cut-outs in striking patterns at night, and by day the bollard itself is an attractive sculpture in your landscape. A single tall bollard can be an eye-catching alternative to the old-fashioned lamp post, while shorter ones make beautiful path lights. These fixtures are not meant to be hidden!

Who cares if it’s beautiful if it doesn’t work?

Remember, the main purpose of steel bollard lighting is to provide sufficient lighting. They are perfectly suited to lining walkways and driveways, patios and decks, as the light is aimed downward. The light shines through the cutouts of the bollard, in gorgeous patterns that are perfectly adequate to the need. The steel construction is very durable, but aluminum is an option near the ocean due to the salt.

Bollards are a perfect addition to your gardens or landscaping: part art, part functional light. It is truly a win-win for you and your home or business! Let us show you how we can make your yard shine beautifully—day and night.

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