Hardscape Lighting – How To Integrate Into The Landscape


HARDSCAPE LIGHTING- How to Integrate into the Landscape! Hardscape lighting is the process in which we use existing structures to highlight patios, walkways, walls, pergolas, gazebos, cabanas, rock work, fireplaces, etc. Hardscaping can impact your lighting design or landscaping by providing additional light to your outdoor living space that you may not have the ability […]

Light Up The Night With Steel Bollards


Beautify with Bollards There are aspects of lighting design and installation that are fairly consistent from job to job. But we just love it when we get to go outside the norm and show off our creativity! One of the ways we can do that is with bollards. With what? Bollards! Historically, “bollard” is a nautical term, […]

Outdoor Safety Lighting Tips


One of the main reasons why anyone adds outdoor lighting is safety and security. The ability to move around without risk, as well as protection from intruders, motivates us to light up our homes and businesses. The aesthetic appeal is often a secondary motive that ends up offering great rewards. In the process of developing […]

Outdoor LED Lighting For Finishing Touch


Did you overlook the finishing touch? Humor me for a moment and participate in a quick experiment: Imagine you’re walking out from your back door, stepping onto your spacious patio and into your newly designed outdoor entertaining space which has all the  finishing touch with lovely Outdoor LED Lighting. Envision yourself enjoying a glass of […]