Southern Lights has taken outdoor audio to the next level. CAS brings component quality audio outside where it belongs, delivering higher performance than traditional, rack-mounted amplification systems.

Like all Southern Lights Outdoor Audio Systems, CAS incorporates a patented Plug+Play cabling system that ensures superior performance, reliability and speed of installation. Poor quality connections, out of phase polarities and shorted connections are a thing of the past.

CAS features and benefits:

  • Easy to install waterproof enclosure system that can be direct burial or wall mounted close to the speakers, minimizing the power and frequently response losses that have been accepted in outdoor systems due to a lack of alternative solutions—until now.
  • Component-based flexibility allows the designer to create the perfect system for all outdoor spaces and budgets.
  • Proven JL Audio® high-performance, marine-grade amplification.
  • Safe low-voltage power supplies and cabling.
  • Capable of powering 5.1 surround speaker configurations in an outdoor environment with dealer-supplied 5.1 processor.
  • CAS amplifiers can power up to (16) 8 ohm satellite speakers and (4) 8 ohm subwoofers.
  • Direct Drive speaker connection allowing up to 300’ runs for each cable eliminating the inefficiencies and losses of 70V systems. Adaptable to 70V when more than 300’ per channel is required.
  • DSP for Bi- and Tri-Amplification offering dedicated amplifiers for each frequency band resulting in superior performance versus full range amplification systems. Easy access to crossover frequency settings and slopes. Individual gain control for each frequency band allowing fine tuning and matching of speakers to their environment.
  • 3rd party music streamers offering known interfaces and performance, including the only Sonos® outdoor audio solution. Full compatibility with other 3rd party steamers.
  • Proprietary line-level input cables and connections allowing for connection to remote sources and multi-room audio systems.  All Southern Lights Outdoor Audio products, including the CAS series of amplifiers and streamers, are designed to Defy the Elements!

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