Music to My Ears: Introducing Outdoor Audio Systems!

We’ve been around for quite some time. Over 20 years. And in that time, we’ve grown. We’ve had great adventures, and stretched ourselves professionally. We’ve scored some major triumphs, and made some mistakes. We’ve learned so much!  

And in that amount of time, a company develops a reputation. It never fails to warm my heart to hear someone say:

It’s music to my ears to hear that!

Because of our reputation, and the knowledge that we strive to always do great work, we can expand our horizons. Not trying to do everything, but to do things that make sense. New opportunities to expand on our skill-set in meaningful ways.

For example, I love outdoor lighting. It’s a passion! So much so, my employees either call me a “Lighting Nerd” or a “Lighting Guru,” depending on if they’re laughing at me or not. And that passion led me to explore outdoor audio too.

Outdoor Audio Systems

The two go hand-in-hand. But I’m not interested in sub-par sub-woofers or second-rate installation techniques. As a result, we’re working with the best, and learning to be the best! So now and in the future, we can offer our customers 2 great systems to make their outdoor living spaces that much better and useful.

And so hopefully music for your ears will lead to more music to my ears as more people talk about us!

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