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If you’ve received multiple bids for your home or business for outdoor lighting or audio, chances are you’ve seen quite a difference in knowledge, design, product, and passion from various companies.

We understand the need to be competitive in our market and realize you, the client have several options when determining who you choose to work with on your outdoor lighting & audio system.  Southern Lights wants to put your mind at ease and simply give you the resources to make the best decision for your project.  We are 100% confident in our products, service, and price. We will be there when you need us, even after the initial sale because we truly care about your long term enjoyment and want to receive referrals from your friends and family.

Having served the Greensboro and surrounding markets for over 24 years, Southern Lights & Outdoor Audio has seen a lot of companies come and go. In our industry, just like any other, there is always a low cost provider. We are not that…. But, want our clients to know we are extremely competitive and want what’s best for our clients. Providing the highest quality products, installation and design are our top priorities. Click here for a free comparison matrix.

If you’ve been given a price for a set number of fixtures, this is a great indication that the company isn’t really interested in providing a custom quote for your specific property, just interested in selling a “kit”  –  one size fits all.  The likelihood your home meets the exact criteria of the kit is super low.  Unfortunately, there is no way to properly quote a project without seeing the location, determining where power needs to be run, or what style finish a client may want (brass / copper / etc). This is a disservice to the client when someone throws a number out without knowing any details. A true designer and craftsman wants to ensure each and every installation is perfectly fit and tailored to the needs of that property.

As a homeowner or property manager, how are you to know the differences between estimates and what should you look for?  In our industry, just like any other, there may be any number of reasons why companies have a lower price and it may not be super easy to see the differences depending on how their estimates are written.

The Less Fine Print, the Better in our opinion. We pride ourselves on being an honest and local company that wants to provide an amazing service at a modest price. Click here for a free comparison. Why are the quotes so different in price? Usually  one or more of the following items will effect the cost and skew a good price comparison:

For these reasons and many others, I don’t want pricing to be the sole decision for losing your business. We provide a free comparison if you’re shopping around for outdoor lighting & audio. I want to make sure the quote you receive will not only fit your budget, but more importantly provide a life long product and system that will consistently perform for you each and every day.

Getting a cheap price on a new system installation doesn’t mean that it will actually be a better deal for you. Getting the cheapest product doesn’t usually work out the way you thought it would if you are honest with yourself.

Lighting & audio systems CAN be and SHOULD be built to last a lifetime. Saving money on the initial install only helps on the front end. What do you do when your installer doesn’t answer the phone or goes out of business and you have product failures. This is a very real issue in our industry. Anyone can say they provide a great warranty, but it they haven’t been in business for 10+ years and you aren’t 100% confident that they will be in business in another 10+ years, WHY ARE YOU HIRING THEM!? The likelihood they will be there to service your system when you need them is very low. You are saving pennies on the dollar when you have to figure in repair and service work on faulty cheap systems.

We’re so confident you’ll love us, our lighting design capabilities, and pricing, we’re willing to offer you our “Meet or Beat” program. This link will give you ability to discuss your bids and give you honest feedback even if you choose a competitor.

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