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Landscape and architectural lighting will increase your home and businesses security, safety and beauty. When we review your site during the demonstration process, we will point out areas where lighting can enhance your outdoor areas.

Southern Lights has many fixtures to choose from to create your uniquely designed lighting system. We also know the effect that each fixture gives, and where it can be used the best. This is what we do. We are professional landscape lighting designers. We will make several suggestions on fixture selection during the demonstration.

Cost is affected by several things: number of lights, degree of difficulty for installation, number of transformers, etc… A rough estimate can be given during consultation and a final estimate will be provided before starting any work. Basic systems start around $2300 installed. Southern Lights has installed systems ranging from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands. This “basic” price represents multiple fixtures with one transformer. Keep in mind, that systems can be installed in phases as your budget allows.

We offer lifetime warranty on fixtures & transformers, 10 years on our wire & connections, and 5 years on LED lamps. Our Lifetime Warranty is the best in the industry. We highly recommend maintenance agreements after the first year. The agreement is designed to keep your system operating at its optimal level. Any system under a maintenance agreement with us will extend the warranty. The full warranty will be outlined at the time of agreement to the proposed lighting design.

Most systems take between one and three days to install, but every system is different. Time of installation is site dependent.

NO! If not for the breathtaking lights you would probably never know we have been there. No heavy machinery will be brought on your property for the purpose of installing a typical lighting system. We know landscapes and know how to install lighting in a manner that would be difficult to notice. Southern Lights was transformed out of our sister company, Southern Exposure Landscape Management so we have the understanding and knowledge of both.
Low voltage landscape lighting is extremely efficient to operate. Most of our clients use their systems for 4 to 5 hours a night in the summer, and 5 to 7 a night in the winter. Most systems can be operated for less than $3-$5 a month.
This is dependent 100% by the lamp you choose. There are options in the lamp market; 4,000 hr, 10,000 hr, 50,000 hr (LED). These bulbs represent a range in life expectancy. The rating means that 1/2 of the bulbs will reach or surpass their hour rating and 1/2 the bulbs will not reach the hour rating (basically taking the average of a 100 bulbs and taking the mean) On regular incandescent bulbs, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that your systems’ bulbs be replaced every year. LED bulbs carry a 5 year warranty and have the ability to reach close to 15+ years. Southern Lights offers a yearly maintenance agreement with every system we install.

Yes, as long as there is room on the transformer. When Southern Lights designs a system, we always leave at least 10% on the transformer for future expansion or lamp changes due to plant growth. Also, fixtures can be relocated with ease as the landscape or other activities dictate. If your system currently has incandescent (Halogen) lamps, you could potentially free up 80% of space in your transformer by simply switching your lamps to LED’s. For more information on LED’s, click here.

We’re happy to install and service lighting all across North Carolina and beyond. Many of our customers trust us with their 2nd homes around the country. Our core customers live in Greensboro, Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Stokesdale, Reidsville, Burlington, Jamestown, High Point, Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Raleigh, Charlotte, and throughout the state.

The majority of our systems use simple timers and photocells to control the usage and require very little tweaking. We also have the ability and knowledge on integrating your lighting into a more technical format: home automation, motion control, wireless, and more. We also offer systems with user friendly controls so you can turn your lights on or off as you desire typical of your current on/off switches. Dimmable technology is also an option we can provide for that customer that needs/wants total control. We will be happy to customize a system around your lifestyle and needs.

Southern Lights accepts: cash, check, VISA, and MASTERCARD.

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