Planning Your Systems

Although the actual technical installation is a very crucial step in how the lighting system performs, it’s not the 1st step. Planning is key to any project and landscape lighting is not any different. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to highlight? What kind of access do you have; under patio, outdoor kitchen, structures (pergolas, decks, roof, etc)? It can be about Safety, Security, or just SERENITY. All are great reasons for illuminating your space. Low voltage lighting is hands down the best choice for residential outdoor lighting. As the landscape evolves: plants mature, trees gain height and breadth, & shrubbery beds are reconfigured. A lighting system must be flexible to encompass these changes with minimal disruption of the initial installation. The ease with which changes are accomplished with a low voltage system are key factors in accommodating the slow-paced dynamic of the outdoor environment. Planning for the present includes planning for the future.



Site Assessment
Installation Process
Lighting Techniques
Lighting Quality
Aesthetic Ambience
Lighting Design


Design Layout
Phase Project?
Install All at Once?
Flexibility to Expand?
Controls & Automation?
LED or Halogen?
Easy Installation?
Difficult Installation?

LED Vs Halogen

Energy Saving Tips
Safety Differences
Lower Cost Up Front
Lower Cost Repairs
Lighting Quality

Types of Fixtures

Path Lights
Up Lights
Can Lights
Tree Lights
Underwater Lights
Deck Lights
Patio Lights
Bistro Lights