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Southern Lights

Need help finding the right landscape lighting design for your property? Want to transform your outdoor spaces into striking light spectacles that enhance aesthetics and security? Look no further than Southern Lights! We’re your ultimate solution for all your landscape lighting needs.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians can handle any job, no matter the complexity. We aim to exceed your expectations, delivering a vibrant lighting transformation that meets your needs and elevates your landscape to new heights of beauty. Experience the exceptional with our expert technicians, where your vision is brought to life with superior quality and unrivaled service.


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Lighting Design

Step into a world of brilliance with our stellar landscape lighting design near Summerfield, NC. Watch as we transform your outdoor spaces into luminous spectacles of beauty, enhancing aesthetics while bolstering security.


Lighting Installation

Are you tired of dull, uninspiring outdoor spaces? Brighten them up with our exceptional landscape lighting installation services! Our lighting installation technicians can help you transform your landscape into a luminous spectacle. Let us illuminate the beauty of your outdoors with our expert solutions.

LED Upgrades

Are you worried about the rising cost of your electricity bills? It’s time you consider an LED lighting upgrade in Summerfield, NC. We transform traditional, energy-consuming lights into efficient LED systems, significantly reducing your energy costs. Contact us for a brighter, greener, and more economical lighting solution.

Maintenance and Repair

Are you struggling with malfunctioning landscape lights? Make us your ultimate solution for all your landscape lighting repair needs. Our expert technicians ensure your outdoor lights always shine bright, enhancing aesthetics and security.

Outdoor Audio Systems

Unleash the magic of sound with our exceptional outdoor audio system solutions. We’ll transform your exterior spaces into dynamic entertainment areas with superior sound quality. Experience the true joy of outdoor living with us. Immerse yourself in the perfect symphony of light and sound with us!

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Architectural Lighting

Lighting up your home during the night not only adds an extra layer of security but also elevates the architectural beauty, turning your residence into a neighborhood standout.

Landscape Lighting

Why confine the pleasure of your property to daylight hours alone? Considering you spend a significant portion of your evenings at home, savoring your landscaping and hardscaping should be a round-the-clock delight.

Outdoor Audio Systems

Crafting outdoor spaces, whether it’s for personal relaxation or hosting gatherings with friends and family, will gain a fresh perspective with the introduction of a high-quality audio system.

Meet The Owner

As the proud owner of Southern Lights of NC, I, Pete Bryant, am deeply passionate about transforming outdoor spaces. With years of experience under my belt, I’ve cultivated an expertise in outdoor lighting and audio design, delivering bespoke solutions to homeowners. I truly believe in the transformative power of light and sound, using them to create captivating atmospheres, boost security, and enhance the overall aesthetics of any property.

My commitment to superior service, innovative design, and ensuring customer satisfaction drives the success of Southern Lights of NC. Be it a quaint backyard setup or a large-scale outdoor lighting project, my guidance ensures every job meets the highest standards, encapsulating the unique style and needs of every client.

“I’ve realized I enjoy my work life better when I’m passionate about what I do. Focusing my time and effort into things I’m naturally excited about motivates me. I’m excited about incorporating my passions into “work” and I won’t sacrifice my design for ease of installation. I’m very thankful for the clients that allow us to work with them.”

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