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Well, let me shed some light on the matter. Our lighting system is more than just a practical addition; it's an artistic masterpiece that turns your property into a work of nocturnal art. I forgot to tell you we are magicians. We magically extend daylight hours, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor sanctuary long after the sun has bid its farewell. You probably have spent thousands or 10's of thousands (heck, maybe even hundreds of thousands) of dollars on your landscape, hardscape, pool, deck, gardens, outdoor kitchen, pergola, gazebo, water features and more, BUT all of these treasures cease to exist the minute the sun goes down. 

Of course, great lighting has  added security benefits benefits as well? Burglars don't appreciate a well-lit stage, as it becomes considerably harder for them to sneak around undetected. Protect your castle and create a fortress of light that sends a clear message: 'Trespassers, be warned! This kingdom is off-limits!'

Whether you want to host enchanting garden parties or indulge in a late-night rendezvous with nature, our lighting systems ensure that darkness never dampens your spirits.

So, if you're tired of your garden fading into obscurity once the sun sets, it's time to let our landscape lighting system work its magic. We promise you a dazzling display of beauty, artistry, and security, all while making the moon look down with envy. Trust us, your garden deserves the spotlight it craves!"

Well, after 30 years of enlightening experiences in the world of lighting, we've become fixture connoisseurs. We've delved into the luminous depths, danced with photons, and even had heart-to-bulb conversations. So, how do we figure out what fixtures to use? It's simple, really.

With three decades of lighting wizardry under our belt, we've got fixture selection down to a science. We mix a pinch of Edison's ingenuity, a dash of Tesla's brilliance, and a sprinkle of our secret sauce to curate the perfect ambiance for your space. So lean back, relax, and let our seasoned experts illuminate your world with a harmonious glow that's both captivating and cozy. We promise to strike the perfect balance, leaving you basking in just the right amount of light, like a serene sunset on a tranquil evening.

All of the fixtures we specify have been battle tested under various conditions: rain, snow, scorching heat, and even unexpected alien invasions.

Systems generally start around $3k and can go well above $100k. We work with a large range of clientele, both residential and commercial. From basic architectural lighting, to large scale estates, commercial buildings, and 2nd homes.

We've been fortunate to have had the privilege of working on some rather epic and large scale projects over the years. These types of projects have allowed us to really stretch our design creativity, project management, and product specification.

Even though we are very comfortable working with these size projects, we also work with a lot of single family homes creating amazing, but modest lighting & audio systems for any budget and environment.

Most systems take between one and three days to install, but every system is different. Time of installation is site dependent.

Yes, as long as there is room on the transformer. When Southern Lights designs a system, we always try to leave at least 10% on the transformer for future expansion or lamp changes due to plant growth. Also, fixtures can be relocated with ease as the landscape or other activities dictate. If your system currently has incandescent (Halogen) lamps, you could potentially free up 80% of space in your transformer by simply switching your lamps to LED’s.


We’re happy to install and service lighting all across North Carolina and beyond. Many of our customers trust us with their 2nd homes around the country. Our core customers live in Greensboro, Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Stokesdale, Reidsville, Burlington, Jamestown, High Point, Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Raleigh, Charlotte, and throughout the state.


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